Clan de Banlieue FW'21

Banlieue kleding
Inspired by the underground street style of the 90's, compared to the rebellious 'Grime' subculture, Clan de Banlieue has designed a hard-hitting collection for us called 'Luxury Grime'. The first drop has now been released, we are fans! This diverse collection consists of both fresh basics for your everyday look, such as the Tonal Hoodies in black , green and white , and striking items to distinguish yourself.

Our favorite item this season is the Detachable Puffer Jacket . This versatile puffer has a detachable hood and sleeves, so you can easily transform it into a bodywarmer. So whether we get warmer autumn days or a cold winter, you can adapt this jacket for every moment and every outfit.

Check out the entire Clan de Banlieue collection here!
Clan de Banlieu
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